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Luxury SUV Line-up

Without doubt, we have never before welcomed the new year with such a strong, stunning, striking line-up of SUV’s! 
Just take a quick moment to appreciate the images below (shot locally here in our wonderful Manawatu). 
From SQ7, Q7 and Touareg Black Edition, there is absolutely something for everyone!

Powerful and variable.  The Audi SQ7 delivers pure driving pleasure.  The family SUV feature high comfort and the latest infotainment features.  At the Dealership now!
The Audi Q7 – The versatile, luxury SUV.  A compelling driving experience, thanks to quattro all-wheel drive, a powerful design with plenty of space for up to seven passengers.  At the Dealership now!

VW Touareg Black Edition – The Touareg is setting new benchmarks with its expressive and forward-thinking design.  Not to mention its under-stated elegance.  The V6S R-Line Black Edition will take your breath away.  You really do have to see this vehicle in the flesh to appreciate its stunning aesthetics.  At the Dealership now!