Driving EV

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. There are many advantages that come with sustainable electric mobility (not least in financial terms), however, the thought of this new electric era can be daunting to some. Our brands are electrifying with the times. Audi, Škoda, and Volkswagen electric range is constantly growing and evolving as new models are released.


Public Charging

 To make your electric journey more practical many public charging stations are opening around New Zealand. Shopping malls also have EV charging points available around town.

View the charging stations around the Manawatu region to help plan your next trip.

Home Charging

The most common question asked around EV vehicles is charging at home options. For this, you’ll need a home charging unit.

HRV is Audi’s home installation partner. If you purchase any new e-tron or TFSI e plug-in hybrid vehicle from an Approved Audi dealership, Audi will contribute up to $1,750 (incl GST) contribution towards home installation* of a HRV home EV charger and an e-tron RFID key fob for ChargeNet connection.

Evnex is Volkswagen & Škodas home installation partner. They currently offer 2 smart home EV chargers and a smartphone app that will allow you to customize your EV charging to suit your needs.

The basic rule for battery capacity is to keep the battery between 10% and 80% capacity.

Clean Car Discount

The Government is accelerating the response to climate change to achieve a carbon neutral target for New Zealand by 2050. The Clean Car Discount aims to help bring down transport emissions by making the purchase of zero and low-CO2 emission vehicles more affordable.

Rebates are available for Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles valued at $80,000 or less, with a 3-star safety rating or above.

The Clean Car Discount will apply only to new and used vehicles registered in New Zealand for the first time.

Our electric vehicle range

Thinking of driving electric? View our current range of electric vehicles that our brands have to offer.


When it comes to performance, these 100% fully electric vehicles compromise on nothing. Whatever you thought you knew about electric cars – forget it. Because this is the new standard and a glimpse at the exciting future of performance. It’s an evolution, a shift that changes everything. We didn’t invent electric, we just injected it with Audi DNA.


Experience pure electric driving that is uniquely Volkswagen. Introducing our 100% electric ID family range. With the sportiness of a Golf and as versatile as a Tiguan, we’ve redefined what’s possible. The highly anticipated and globally acclaimed EV SUV ID.4 and ID.5 are on their way to New Zealand.


Introducing the all-new Enyaq, Škoda’s first electric SUV. Striking styling, spacious interior, high-quality materials, and the latest technology are just a few of its many highlights. With its cutting-edge connectivity, state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems, and exceptional comfort, it is perfect for city traffic and long hauls alike.

Learn more about EV maintenance and servicing:

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