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Škoda Dealer of the Year Awards 2022

Škoda Dealer of the Year Awards 2022

On Friday the 19th of May our team at Robertson Prestige Škoda attended the Škoda Dealer of the Year Awards 2022.

Our incredible team won the following category:

  • Service team of the Year

And finalists for

  • Dealer of the Year
  • Sales Team of the Year

For it to be our first year representing the Škoda brand, this was a great achievement for us. Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve these results. A big congratulations to Ebbett Škoda for taking out Dealer of the Year and all the other well-deserving winners!

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Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing

Electric Car Maintenance & Servicing

Regular electric servicing and maintenance are essential to keep your electric vehicle at its optimal performance.

Regular maintenance of the battery, electric motor, brakes, cooling system, and tyres is critical to ensure your electric vehicle performs optimally for years.

Your benefits


While EV vehicles still need to be serviced as often as petrol and diesel vehicles, you still save money on maintenance.

Simpler Maintenance

EV vehicles are simpler to maintain due to having half of the number of components compared to petrol/diesel vehicles. EV’s use less engine braking, so there is typically less wear on the brakes.

EV Trained Technicians

Our fully-authorised technicians are electric experts. Our electric experts use genuine parts.

What does EV servicing involve?

Your electric car will require regular servicing, just like a petrol or diesel car. We carry out all the usual roadworthiness checks, but the rest of your service is quite different.


Oil changes are a thing of the past. While your EV vehicle doesn’t require an oil or coolant change it does require brake fluid and a windscreen washer solution.


Our electric experts will check if your charging cable is present and in good condition.


To ensure your battery charges correctly and maintains maximum capacity, our electric experts undergo a battery health check. We will inspect high-voltage cables and secure them if necessary.




To keep your vehicle as safe as possible we check the onboard safety equipment such as windscreen cameras. Similar to regular servicing we will check your windscreen condition and wipers and replace them if necessary. 


The battery in your EV adds weight to your tyres. During your EV service, we will check tyre treads and wheel alignment.


Your EV brakes traditionally do not wear as much as petrol/diesel vehicles. To ensure your brakes are at optimal performance we check your brake pads and rotors and replace them if necessary. 

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Driving EV

Driving EV

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. There are many advantages that come with sustainable electric mobility (not least in financial terms), however, the thought of this new electric era can be daunting to some. Our brands are electrifying with the times. Audi, Škoda, and Volkswagen electric range is constantly growing and evolving as new models are released.


Public Charging

 To make your electric journey more practical many public charging stations are opening around New Zealand. Shopping malls also have EV charging points available around town.

View the charging stations around the Manawatu region to help plan your next trip.

Home Charging

The most common question asked around EV vehicles is charging at home options. For this, you’ll need a home charging unit.

HRV is Audi’s home installation partner. If you purchase any new e-tron or TFSI e plug-in hybrid vehicle from an Approved Audi dealership, Audi will contribute up to $1,750 (incl GST) contribution towards home installation* of a HRV home EV charger and an e-tron RFID key fob for ChargeNet connection.

Evnex is Volkswagen & Škodas home installation partner. They currently offer 2 smart home EV chargers and a smartphone app that will allow you to customize your EV charging to suit your needs.

The basic rule for battery capacity is to keep the battery between 10% and 80% capacity.

Clean Car Discount

The Government is accelerating the response to climate change to achieve a carbon neutral target for New Zealand by 2050. The Clean Car Discount aims to help bring down transport emissions by making the purchase of zero and low-CO2 emission vehicles more affordable.

Rebates are available for Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles valued at $80,000 or less, with a 3-star safety rating or above.

The Clean Car Discount will apply only to new and used vehicles registered in New Zealand for the first time.

Our electric vehicle range

Thinking of driving electric? View our current range of electric vehicles that our brands have to offer.


When it comes to performance, these 100% fully electric vehicles compromise on nothing. Whatever you thought you knew about electric cars – forget it. Because this is the new standard and a glimpse at the exciting future of performance. It’s an evolution, a shift that changes everything. We didn’t invent electric, we just injected it with Audi DNA.


Experience pure electric driving that is uniquely Volkswagen. Introducing our 100% electric ID family range. With the sportiness of a Golf and as versatile as a Tiguan, we’ve redefined what’s possible. The highly anticipated and globally acclaimed EV SUV ID.4 and ID.5 are on their way to New Zealand.


Introducing the all-new Enyaq, Škoda’s first electric SUV. Striking styling, spacious interior, high-quality materials, and the latest technology are just a few of its many highlights. With its cutting-edge connectivity, state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems, and exceptional comfort, it is perfect for city traffic and long hauls alike.

Learn more about EV maintenance and servicing:

Ready to be a part of the future?

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Audi Excellence Awards 2022

Audi Excellence Awards 2022

Audi New Zealand has announced the winners of its Audi Excellence awards for 2022. Audi Excellence Awards honour best performing staff and dealerships.

This year the event was held at the stunning location of Ilex in the heart of Hagley Park in Christchurch.

The MC of the night was Hayley Sproull. Audi’s ambassadors, Sir Steve Hansen, Juliette Hogan, and Steve Dunstan also attended the event.

A huge congratulations to Craig Purves for winning the Provincial Sales Specialist category! 


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Audi Service Plan

All of the adventure, none of the worries. 

Nothing compares to the feeling of hitting the open road – and knowing your Audi will maintain its peak performance for years to come. 

Audi Service Packages give you two years of cover for a fixed cost, and unlimited peace of mind. 

You can choose the right level of cover for you, from required maintenance to full protection against the unexpected. 

Servicing is carried out by our specially trained technicians using cutting-edge equipment and Audi Genuine Parts, so you can enjoy total freedom to drive to the fullest while we take care of everything else. 

Talk to us about Audi Service Packages today. 

Robertson Prestige – 06 353 0605 or visit us on the corner Rangitikei Street & JFK Drive, Palmerston North




Audi Servicing Plan 

Enjoy peace of mind with cover for all your scheduled servicing needs inclusive of oils and lubricants. This is all done in accordance with factory recommendations. 




Audi Motoring Plan

Protect against the unexpected with cover for all maintenance services including wheel alignment, W.O.F, and replacement of all original parts* due to normal wear and tear. 




Peace of mind

Audi Service Packages come with a fixed price, so there are no unexpected costs. 


Specialist Servicing 

All servicing is carried out by speically trained technicians, using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. We only use Audi Genuine Parts, so your vechicle will maintain its powerful performance. 


*Excluding tyres. Audi Motoring Plan and Audi Servicing Plan are available for vehicles up to 6 years old. 

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The Golf GTI Is Here

Price from


Engine Power


Fuel Efficiency

6.9 L/100km

The hot hatch has evolved

The rebel is back on the road and creating a sensation – learn how this hot hatch can produce even more driving pleasure for its drivers. Arriving May 2021, contact your local dealer today to pre-order.


Designed to make a statement 

Where cutting-edge performance meets uncompromising functionality. Complete with a full digital revamp and fitted with the state-of-the-art safety systems, the new GTI promises an unforgettable driving experience.


The next level of performance

Powerful yet practical, the evolved hot hatch lets you be an urban explorer one day and sport icon the next. 



With the GTI’s comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems, you can enjoy every journey even more knowing you’re in safe hands.

Performance technology



Powerful. Sporty. Well trained. 

With its 2.0 L TSI engine, the compact sports car delivers an impressive 180kW that hurtles you from 0 to 100km/h in under 6.5 seconds. Side-effects may include butterflies, raised hair and breath being well and truly taken away. 


Front differential lock (e-LSD)

A clear path for narrow corners 

The new and evolved hot hatch loves the drive as much as you do. With a built-in Vehicle Dynamics Manager electronically controlling the Front Differential Lock, the new GTI can read the road to counteract understeer, stabilise the vehicle response and deliver maximum traction in high-performance environments. Of course, you can always dial it down for a more hands-on experience. 


Dynamic Chassis Cotrol

Control your drive

Fast or relaxed – with adaptive chassis control (DCC), you can adapt the GTI’s damping to your own driving style and road surface. With driving profile selection, it’s easy to change via the infotainment system’s touchscreen.

See the Golf GTI for yourself




Part beauty. Part beast. 

When a red line stretches across the front and the radiator grille features a honeycomb design and black air intakes, then there can only be three letters on the badge: GTI.

Add a strikingly dynamic bumper, extended side skirts, roof spoiler and chrome-plated tailpipes, and you have yourself a sporting icon. LED taillight clusters also round off the unique appearance.



Outside: Fast-paced

Inside: Chilled out

All of the components inside the GTI are carefully tailored to give this vehicle its distinctively sporty look. From stainless steel pedals and a black headliner to its premium trim and hallmark stitching.

You can even illuminate the interior with a choice of 30 colour options and LED background lighting adds accents of light in all the right places. 


Performance seating 

Sit back and relax 

The Golf GTI is equipped with a premium set of sport bucket seats, made to provide lateral support during hard cornering and enhance your overall driving comfort. Along with a sophisticated design, the seats are a real treat for the eyes, and your back.

The optional GTI Vienna leather package adds heating and cooling functions for the front seats, ensuring you are always at the perfect temperature.

Ready to make the first move?

Register your interest!

Robertson Prestige. Call 06 353 0605 or email Dave –

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The new Audi SQ5.

The new Audi SQ5 TDI is back and sharper than ever. It proves that every journey can be memorable, but don’t mistake the everyday for ordinary. The most confident displays of power are delivered discreetly, yet forcefully by a 3-litre V6 turbo diesel engine that can take you from 0 to 100km/h in 5.1 seconds. And if that’s not enough to get your heart rate up, the sporty design will make your pulse race before you even get behind the wheel. Because even quiet achievers like to flex a little.



Built to thrill

3-litre V6 turbo diesel engine with output of 251 kW (341 PS). Backed by quattro all-wheel drive..



Performance styling

Feels sporty inside and out. Honeycomb grille with aluminium inlays and twin oval tailpipes.



Smart hands free luggage compartment

A kick motion at the rear of vehicle unlocks, opens and closes the boot. So you can load and unload gear hands free.

Register your interest.

Register your interest at Robertson Prestige. Call 06 353 0605

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The new Golf – Has Arrived

Golf. Something every generation can agree on

Get ready for a new era of hatchback. From the latest tech and freshest features, this icon sets the standard once again.

Price from $46,990*

Engine Power 110kW – 162kW

Fuel Efficiency 7.6 – 8.3 L/100km

Towing(Braked) 1,800 – 2,100kg

You’ll never want to leave

More refined, comfortable and intuitive than ever before – the new Tiguan redefines itself. With intelligent technology, a new digital cockpit and steering wheel, wireless charging and an impressive level of personalisation, you’ll never want to leave, no matter the occasion.

An icon re-energised

Unmistakably Golf but with innovative twists, the all-new Golf is a truly modern hatchback.



Ambient lighting

Create the perfect mood
Enhance the character of your Golf by illuminating the interior with 10 soft lighting colours. With the R-Line, you can even choose from different 30 colour options. 



Head- Up Display

Keeping your eyes on the road
The main advantage of the head-up display* in your Golf is that you can keep your eyes on the most important information while watching the road ahead. The windscreen is used as the projection surface for both the speed, driver assistance notifications and navigation instructions.
*Standard on Golf TSI R-Line


Travel Assist

Meet your new bodyguard
The all-new Golf puts new technology on the road with the push of a button. Travel Assist provides driving comfort* of the highest quality by supporting you in monotonous or tiring driving situations.
Especially on the motorway and on well-maintained roads, your new Golf can help keep you in-lane, maintain your speed and even monitor the distance from the traffic in front.
Standard on Golf TSI R-Line
* Within the limits of the system. The driver must be ready at all times to override the assist system and is not relieved of his responsibility to drive the car carefully.




Tailored entirely to you
The Golf will be the envy of all your friends with the all-new digital cockpit. The Active Info Display ‘Pro’ (10.25” configurable driver display) is standard across the entire Golf range and brings an expanded range of innovative technology and state-of-the-art connectivity.

Be the first to experience the all new Golf

Register your interest at Robertson Prestige. Call 06 353 0605

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The new Tiguan – Has arrived


You’ll never want to leave

More refined, comfortable and intuitive than ever before – the new Tiguan redefines itself. With intelligent technology, a new digital cockpit and steering wheel, wireless charging and an impressive level of personalisation, you’ll never want to leave, no matter the occasion.



A whole new look

The new Tiguan shows what it means to keep reinventing oneself. As its progressive design clearly illustrates. From the dynamic front with its precise lines to the pronounced shoulders, the expressive silhouette embodies its innovative power and uncompromising functionality. 




The new Tiguan puts technology on the road. At the push of a button, it provides driving comfort of the highest quality by supporting you in monotonous or tiring driving situations.



Ambient Lighting. Because every day is different

From now on you’ll see your Tiguan in a new light, as you gently illuminate the vehicle interior from a selection of 30 different colours. 

See the new Tiguan for yourself

Take the new Tiguan for a drive.

Robertson Prestige. Call 06 353 0605 or email Dave –